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FREE! FREE! Our Artists and staff are volunteering their time to keep you BUSY during this crazy time. So get prepared to come have some fun with us!

Event Info: Join us and learn to paint this beautiful moon and boat painting. This will be a virtual event, you will be able to see Kathy Johnston teach you live. You will also be able to ask question via Facebook live during the event if you have any questions or problems.

To watch the event you can go to our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/WPGArtWine/
**This event will be hosted as a LIVESTREAM on the Winnipeg Art and Wine FB page! If you are following the page, you should get a notification when we go live just before 6pm central!

For further information and list of supplies needed check here: http://www.winnipegartandwine.com/portfolio-view/jolly/

We hope to spread creativity through art during this crazy time! We hope to see you at one of our live events in the future, along with our in-person events when we will be able to start back up! There will be an option given during the event to support our local Winnipeg art company should you wish to/be able to donate any amount. We thank you for your support!

Giving Back: Your artist has donated her time to do this so we are ABSOLUTELY accepting TIPS!!

Please be aware that there have been some spammers who come to our Facebook page during the live events and ask you to go to their links instead and pay for the Paint Party. DO NOT GO THERE. We DO NOT CHARGE for these Paint Parties they are FREE!!