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For those of us here who own an EV, LEAF, Model S or otherwise: MEVA (Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association) organizes an annual EV event with the purpose of showcasing EVs to the general public. September 12 will mark the 5th annual Mevafest. In prior years the event has been held at Assiniboine Park and has been generally well received by the public, with many hundreds of people coming out to look at and learn about EVs.

This year Mevafest is going to be integrated with a much larger initiative called Manyfest – an event billed as “Downtown Winnipeg’s largest festival”. Located on Broadway, including the Legislative grounds, the festival organizers anticipate 2015 attendance to be some 60,000.
I’d like to encourage all EV owners to consider coming out with their electric vehicles (regardless of size, shape, make, model or wheel count) to help spread the word about the fabulous benefits of driving electric. Regardless of whether you are a MEVA member or not, by displaying your vehicle and answering peoples’ questions about what the electric experience is like, we can all help advance the EV “movement”.

And, regardless of whether you decide to actively participate by displaying your vehicle, everyone is of course invited to come out and look. We will have Teslas, LEAFs, Volts, i-MiEVs, ICE conversions and others. Maybe even an electric transit bus and an electric boat. Hope to see you all there!
Admission is free, and rides are free.
Everyone is welcome.