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The Good Will Social Club Presents:
Friday, January 7th, 2022
The Good Will, 625 Portage Avenue
Sign up at 8:30 PM

You’ve always known you’re a rock star, now prove it! It’s your turn to take the spotlight. Be the leader of our live karaoke band, featuring members of Hut Hut, Slow Spirit, and Figure Walking! Forget boring midi backing tracks and rock out with a real band!

How Live Band Karaoke works:
– Just like normal karaoke, there is a list of songs to choose from and you can sign up for them. Because we are human and not machines, our list is a nice curated selection of the best karaoke songs, as opposed to every song ever. So come early and sign up! Watch this page for the list.

– Also because we are not machines, we don’t play along to words on a TV screen. We have printed out easy-to-read lyrics for our songs, OR feel free to read lyrics off of your phone.

Song list available shortly!

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