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LIFT is a free half-day workshop that aims to lift participants up to a new level of personal growth through ethical decision making.

About this Event

Why ethics is important in the workplace?

“Businesses with trustworthy workers often stand out among competitors. A culture of happy employees rubs off on consumers, and they’re attracted to people they can trust and respect. This is why true team players and people with ethical decision-making skills are so widely sought by employers. Before the BBB Foundation’s LIFT certificate, there was no easy way companies to tell just what kind of person they’re bringing aboard. Many people put buzz words like “team player” on their resumes but there’s no proof they are. There was nothing to show they’ve worked at developing those interpersonal skills.” – Len Andrusiak, CEO BBB Manitoba & NW Ontario, A certificate like no other – posted in Winnipeg Free Press- Community Forum July 8, 2019.

The LIFT program is an introduction to business ethics as well as personal character lessons. Emphasis will be placed on topics like responsibility, character, values, and development.

Our LIFT webinar is an interactive workshop consists of tools to make it easier for an individual employee regardless of position or level to be confident to your decision and meet standards for effective and ethical decision-making within your organization. you learn and analyze a situation or potential actions before making a decision. The program concludes with individual post-workshop activities and receives a LIFT certificate upon compltion as an additional credential to your resume.

Who should attend: Post-secondary students, youth and non-profit organizations, newcomers, job seekers, HR personnel, Career counselors, current workforce.

Certification is applicable to Manitoba and Northwest Ontario residents, for participants outside our territory please contact us for request of acknowledgement letter.

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