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*** We will be roasting ‘HARRY POTTER: ATCOS’ for FREE online and you are invited! The roast will be aired over a Vimeo stream at 7pm Pacific, (9:00 PM Winnipeg Time).

You will be emailed the free link for the show when you submit for a ticket here: https://www.frontrowfilmroast.com/subscribe

Play drinking games online with Polyjuice-drinking comedians as they make jokes over the movie inspired by the book written by notorious TERF: JK Rowling. Add your own jokes in the live chat for the entire audience to see!

7 PST/10 EST

Come to the show early to chat with others about the movie. Please share the link with any friends you’d like to join you for the show: https://vimeo.com/469338650

To get an email reminder join our email list at frontrowfilmroast.com/subscribe

Checkout a trailer for the show here: youtube.com/watch?v=4IiMGFekjbw

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DONATE/TIP over Venmo: venmo.com/Frontrowfilmroast

RENT/BUY past shows here: vimeo.com/ondemand/frontrowfilmroast/

Comedians: Jessica Sproge, Craig Sorensen, Jasmine Faye, Brian Higgins, Andrew Sproge, Adam Conrad and special guest Arash Tadjiki

Host: Jessica Sproge: instagram.com/jessicasproge twitter.com/jessica_sproge

Craig Sorensen- instagram.com/kcraigsorensen twitter.com/CraigoreyS
Jasmine Faye- instagram.com/jazzylou92 twitter.com/Jazzielou92
Brian Higgins- instagram.com/bricycles15 twitter.com/brianisgood96
Andrew Sproge- instagram.com/andrewsproge twitter.com/asproge
Adam Conrad- instagram.com/spookydoods twitter.com/adamconradam
Arash Tadjiki- instagram.com/arashtadjiki

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