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DINO FLASH MOB June 26, 2022 1 PM Portage & Main Winnipeg Manitoba

Who’s in?? Smiles! Joy! Laughing!!!! And a Whole Lotta Jurassic Fun!!! We had 14 in costume last time we did this, hopefully we can add to that!

We can all meet at Portage and Main for 1 pm waving and making the folks driving by smile and laugh (we will not go on the roadway or block traffic)!!!!

Are you in??? I know there are quite a few of you Dinos out there from all over Manitoba so hopefully many of you will join us! If you do not have your dino identity yet you have plenty of time to fix that situation!!

Last time we did this on May 1st it was very windy but it is Portage & Main afterall!! 😀

Check out the new Jurassic Walk Winnipeg Group to communicate with your fellow Dinos


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