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This tour will start at Beaumont Station, 45 Hurst Way. Artworks we will visit include:

Rooster Town Kettle & Fetching Water by Ian August
テンサイ (TENSAI) by Kelty McKinnon and Cindy Mochizuki
(Un)Still Life with Spoked Wheels by Warren Carther
Métis Land Use by Tiffany Shaw-Collinge
Salt Fat Sugar & Your Water is Safe by Bill Burns
ROW ROW ROW by Public City Architecture and Urban Ink
Furrows on the Land (The Field) / Furrows in the Land (The Wheel) by Jeanette Johns
The public artworks created for the BLUE Rapid Transit Line tell stories and evoke ideas around ecology and natural history, historic north-south trails, civic planning, and Indigenous land experiences and histories. Following the river, the people, and their interactions in this area over time, the artists weave and connect the meanings of routes in the Red River region and the neighbourhoods of Fort Garry.

Tour participants are responsible to provide their own bus fare, and be prepared to walk and hop on and off busses between select stops.

Tours will run as scheduled rain or shine but will be cancelled in the event of a thunderstorm.

Please respect physical distancing and stay home if you feel unwell. Face masks are encouraged.

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