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We are #CRUSHINGTHESTIGMA with the Shoppers LOVE.YOU. Campaign. This week we are having Brianne Ste Marie Lacroix who is a Holistic Nutritionist talk to us about the relationship we have with food and our bodies.

This talk will cover:
-The importance of a balanced relationship to food and to our physical bodies in regard to mental health.
-Diet culture and growing up in the 90s. How that informed what Brianne thought being a woman was and how she’s worked to dismantle those ideologies.
-Her history with different variations of disordered eating.
-Redefining our individual standards of beauty and what that means to us and why.
-The importance of asking ourselves why we do things and who actually benefits from it aka the “pretty tax”, the beauty, weight-loss, anti-aging, fat-phobic industries
-The rise of Self-love, body positivity, and the anti-diet movement
-The importance of learning to nurture and show up for yourself. Eating quality foods, learning wellness and lifestyle tips.

***It’s not about forcing yourself to get better or see things clearly but rather about learning that you are worth it to feel healthy and beautiful***