Today, Red River College and the Manitoba government announced three additional intakes to the COVID-19 micro-credential to further expand testing efforts in Winnipeg, with plans already underway to offer training opportunities to health-care professionals in specific areas of rural Manitoba.

The three additional intakes announced will be offered weekly — with the first beginning on Nov. 9 — and will run until Nov. 27. These new sections are already filling quickly and RRC is on track to train over 180 health-care professionals and students to safely perform sample collections at authorized COVID-19 test sites, further supporting testing efforts in the province.

The course is a blended delivery model and is offered tuition-free to students through RRC’s School of Continuing Education. Learn more or register.

COVID-19 Nasopharyngeal Sample Collection

Red River College has launched a new micro-credential course to train specific groups of health-care students and health-care professionals in safe COVID-19 sample collection procedures and ultimately help increase the COVID-19 sample collecting capacity for Manitoba Public Health.

The tuition-free course starts Monday, October 19 and will train you in safe COVID-19 sample collection procedures with essential theory delivered online and a hands-on lab delivered in person.

Course Information

This micro-credential focuses on nasopharyngeal sample collection, which is an important part of identifying individuals with COVID-19 to assist in the pandemic response. Students will become familiar with safe sample collection procedures. This will include a review of COVID-19 and its causative agent, the anatomy and physiology of the nasopharynx, and best practices when working with clients and samples.

The course is non-credit and consists of a three-hour theory component (running Monday and Tuesday) and a two-hour hands-on lab conducted in person (running Wednesday through Friday) to demonstrate competency in performing the skills required.

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The course will be available to:

  • students in at least the second year of one of the following regulated health professions:
    • registered nursing;
    • licensed practical nursing;
    • psychiatric nursing; and
    • medicine at the University of Manitoba, including medical students and physician assistant students;
  • students enrolled in an approved paramedicine or respiratory therapy program;
  • people qualified to practice in one of the following regulated health professions in jurisdictions outside Manitoba or Canada (based on the presentation of valid credentials):
    • registered nursing;
    • licensed practical nursing;
    • psychiatric nursing; and
    • medicine;
  • health care aides;
  • medical laboratory technologists;
  • occupational therapists;
  • physiotherapists; and
  • pharmacists.

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